I am a woman entrepreneurs and mom of 2 lovely kids. This is my third career as a crafter after being a merchandiser and an assistant professor in a very reputed university. This one is the best so far and I can say that I won’t try anymore career options. I started it to beat my depression without thinking much. But after getting peace and solace in its indulgence, I decided to take it to another level. I worked very hard and developed it as my profession. And as they say, do what you love and this is exactly my profession is for me. It has given me the opportunity to keep my identity alive as I have named it after my maiden name, Kalpana Dass Creations (KD Creations).

I started it all alone without any support and now it’s been more than 4 years and I have done 4-5 big corporate orders and a few large corporate level workshop with many other big and small orders of home decor stuff. I show case my stuff in exhibitions also..

Life is short and do what you love and this is what I am best at after being a Mom and a wife.. I wanna encourage all other women who want to find themselves after getting lost themselves in their own homes/families.


we all are unique and we should not wait for our depression/stress to hit its rock bottom, to make us find ourselves. From a unique me to all other uniques out there. we all can do it..


Check out some of my hand made products, can be customised for corporate gifting, return gift, housewarming and any other gifting purpose.

For order please reach out to me kalpanadass7@gmail.com
Ph- 9990447440

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