Diyas Decoratives, a social enterprise based in Central Bengaluru @ Ulsoor started our journey in 2017 by Bharathi with the aim of Reviving, Revisiting and Reintroducing the traditional crafts and art of India. 

We operate as a studio format in CBD Ulsoor and Our permanent shop in Bengaluru Santhe where we showcase all our products as well as conduct workshop. We support traditional artisan groups, craftsmen, underprivileged womenโ€™s groups, social enterprises across the country and help sustain their livelihood. 

We currently support livelihoods of more than 275+ rural and tribe and women artisan clusters from 15 region.  We are committed to bring beautiful, innovative, and unique designs that are handcrafted. Most of our products are GI-certified and are made up of nontoxic, organic, natural eco-friendly materials with child-safe colours. 

We have been known for our product ranges of Native Indian toys, Traditional games, Handcrafted decorative item, gift and souvenirs. 

Our products are eco - friendly, all are handcraft and best for any gifting purpose.

For order please reach out to us 

Shop Address 
Diyas Decoratives, 
Haat No BBC, Bengaluru Santhe, 
Swami Vivekananda Metro Station, 
Old Madras Road, Indiranagar, 
Bengaluru 560038 
Timing 11am to 6pm Monday to Saturday 

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