Pasta are very much loved by the kiddos and young generation. These are basically available in various shapes which makes them adaptable to eat with desired variety

Different preparations can be made with combination or single flavored sauces

Today, we will prepare single flavored red sauce pasta. We will use penne pasta shape in our recipe. One can use spaghetti, macaroni, fusilli shape also

Preparation time = 15-20 mins
Cooking time = 20-25 mins


1) 500g pasta packet – any company, I have used of delmonte.
2) Tomato – 1 medium sized, diced or chopped as per preference.
3) Capsicum – 1 big, diced or chopped
4) Jalapeno & olives – 8 to 10 pieces (optional)
5) Pasta sauce – droetkar’s – 1 cup=150-200 gm
6) Tomato sauce/ketchup – 1 tbsp or 100 ml
7) Oregano & chili flakes – 3-4 tsp
8) Cheese – 500gm (grated)
9) Butter – 3-4 tbsp& ghee – 1 tbsp
10) Salt – to taste &jeera – ½ tsp
11) Oil – 1 tsp
12) Water – 1.5-2 litre
13) Strainer, large vessel, saucepan


1) Take a large vessel and add 2 litres of water & start to boil.
Once water starts boiling add 500g of pasta along with 1 tsp oil & ½ tsp salt so that your pasta does not stick to the vessel & to each other. Mix well & cover the vessel on medium flame.
2) Meanwhile, start chopping the vegetables and keep it separate and arrange all the other ingredients handy & nearby.
3) For Pasta to become soft & chewable15-20 mins boiling time is sufficient with occasional stirring.
We can check the pasta by breaking them into halves, if easily breakable then they are ready to cook otherwise wait for 2-5 min more.
4) Once pasta are boiled, take medium sized saucepan & add tbsp ghee [we won't add butter directly as it would be burnt easily & spattering & mixing is not so well].
5) Once ghee is hot, add ½ tsp Jeera& wait for few seconds before adding tomatoes & Capsicum. Mix &saute for 3-5 minutes.
6) Now, add all other ingredients likeoregano, chili flakes, any other vegetable, sauces & Salt to taste.
7) Mix all the ingredients properly &all it to cook for 1-2 min.
8) Meanwhile, strain the pasta of allWater & add it to the saucepan.
9) Lastly, we will add butter & 2-3 tbspgrated or cubes of cheese as.
10) With continuous strokes mix all the ingredients or until the colour of pasta changes.
11) Allow it to remain on low flame for 5-7min so that pasta absorbs the flavour.
12) Garnish and serve with cheee& cilantro (optional).

• Pasta is one of the healthy options as you can add as much vegetables as you want & it is made up of wheat & not maida.
• If for young kids it can he cooked as evening snack without veggies even sometime.
• Its an Italian cuisine so you can add a variety to your Kitchen a pamper your guests with healthy & yummy food option.
• Other sauces can be ofwhite or combination of red & whitesauce.