Darjeeling, a city in the Eastern Himalayas in India, snuggled with sparkly hills of Mt Kanchenjunga situated to the northernmost region of the state of West Bengal.

It is lovingly known as “QUEEN OF THE HILLS” providing a scenic view and perfect gateway to those who wants to be with nature.

• Its world’s third highest peak.
• Land of TEA connoisseur worldwide.

UNESCO has declared the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway as world heritage and it’s a narrow-gauge railway located in the mountains.

• The trains here are still a century old steam engine one who share their passage along the roadside. (TOY TRAIN)
• Darjeeling is one of the most desired spots amongst the tourist and also a trekker’s paradise too.
• Gorkhaland territorial administration is partially functional in Darjeeling.
• Economy of the city is mostly based on tourism.
• Hindus, Buddhist are one of the most dominating religions.
• Language spoken – Bengali, Hindi, English, Nepali & Tibetan by local refugees.


By Air - Bagdogra, is the nearest airport i.e.,90 K.M away from Darjeeling and is linked to many major cities.

By Rail – major cities are well connected to railway stations – Siliguri and new Jalpaiguri. Apart from these two stations, Darjeeling Himalayan railways is another station to reach here.

By Road – Bus, taxis, sharing cabs all options are available. Major connectivity is through Siliguri. Routes for exploring from Siliguri to Darjeeling are as mentioned below.

▪ Tindharia – kurseong
▪ Dudhiya – mirik
▪ Pankhbari
▪ Rohini


Glistening between the hills Darjeeling provides many fascinating and memorable picturesque of snowy and vast Himalayan ranges, valleys, trekking tracks and culinary items like momos and famous tea. The untouched exquisiteness of this hill fascinates visitors to take a break from the bustling city life. So here are we plunging to few places that you wont like to miss during your visit.


Monastery – British style along with Tibetan touch across the city can be seen.

Artistic Handicrafts

•Ornaments, trinkets and handlooms are priceless.
•Colourful designs, traditional craft and fine craft skills is also seen in bamboo and wood works.
•Apart from routine handicrafts like bag, woollen clothing, blankets and much more one will get a beautiful lord Buddha carvings paintings or stone studded handicraft.

Food Zone

•Indulge into the taste while satiety with the exotic food.
•Momos, Thupka are one of the few famous delights.
•Momos can be veg dumplings or non veg along with soup. Same way thupka are flat noodles served with veggies or non veg option both along with soup or soupy noodles.
•Veg and non veg both options are readily available here in Darjeeling.
•Another famous delicacy is Tea – Tongba local tea along with lemon grass. Varieties of flavour are available in tea as it is primarily planted here.

Local people and their culture

Folk dance, singing & dancing in their native language is very pleasing to the tourists as it is very different from routine. Nepali dance style is very famous and here are few types - Maruni Nach, Jhankri Naach, Deora Naach, Panchay Naach, Baton Naach, Sakhia Naach.
• Lepchas were the original inhabitants of this place.
• Majorly the place is densely populated now by Gorkhas – sharp minded and army like stature and power they carry the traditional weapon, the Khukri-a curved ornamental knife along with them.
• Khampas are migrants from Tibet.
• Others are Sherpas – courageous and determined mostly seen at mountaineering areas.
• Bengalis and Bhutias are also seen in minor population
• So ethnic range of culture and people can be seen roaming around the city.
• Apart from national festivals, people here also do celebrate their local festivals pertaining to their religion only.
• Devil dance by Tibetans during new year
• Snake or dragon dance moving around the city through streets.
• Birthday celebration of Dalai Lama
• Bhai Tika, Bhailo, Deosi are celebrated during Diwali time.
• Male participation in folk dance is the scintillating Maruni and is the most popular to watch at.


1. Trekkers & Adventure seekers will definitely visit Darjeeling for their ecstasies.
2. Paradise with fun is always most loved by nature lover.
3. Himalayan range along with varieties of greenery like orchids, ferns are thrilling and gives goosebumps to the viewers.
4. Approximately 500 species in habitat the city of Darjeeling alongside the mountains.
5. Two most renowned trekking places are as described.
▪ Darjeeling-Maneybhanjyang-Tonglu-Sandakphu
▪ Darjeeling-Maneybhanjyang-Tonglu-Sandakphu-Phalut

6. Five to six routes can be explored to reach these treks.
7. Trekkers can stay in hut through booking by DGHC tourism and clothes and accessories like shoes, woollen wear should be carried in bagpack for easy trekking through the mountains and different altitudes.
8. The best months to trek in this region are April, May and October-November.