Obesity is a complex medical condition characterized by an excessive accumulation of body fat, which can lead to various health problems and increased risk of chronic diseases

Treating Obesity with Light Therapy

Since the time when obesity was revealed to have such major health problems, many strategies have merged to counter the problem. The core treatment to counter obesity is an increase in exercise and a low-energy diet. There is approximately an average of 8% weight loss. However, the response to dieting and exercise vary.

Obesity and Insulin Resistance

Being overweight or obese may pose health-related risks. Overweight and obesity have been considered as the leading cause of stroke and hypertension, cancer, and type 2 diabetes milletus. Insulin resistance can result to diabetes. Obesity and insulin resistance are two of the most leading causes of morbidity in developed and developing countries. The number of people that are obese is growing as well as the number of people suffering from insulin resistance.

Prevention of Child Obesity

Taking a Step in Preventing Child Obesity As incidences of child obesity continue to rise, the best defense is prevention. At this point, many would already be battling the condition. No matter which stage youre at, perhaps the simple approach would do you good. The following are strategies for the prevention of child obesity and bringing a child down to a healthy weight.

Laparoscopic obesity surgery

Surgical procedures are becoming more effective, safe and reliable means of getting rid of fat and related diseases. The risks and complications involve are lessen because of these advances in obesity surgery.