Yoga is a practice that connects the body, breath, and mind. It uses physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve overall health. Yoga was developed as a spiritual practice thousands of years ago. Today, most Westerners who do yoga do it for exercise or to reduce stress.

Yoga's Twist and Turns Benefits Scoliosis Patients

This article is about Yoga, an ancient physical, mental, and spiritual practice with its roots in India going back 5,000 years. Since it is highly therapeutic, many illnesses and ailments are said to have healed and improved because of yoga. Scoliosis is one of them. yoga is improving the problem of uneven curves and it is considered the best scoliosis exercise.

Marjariasana - For Sound Physical And Mental Health

Yoga today is all the rage. It is a subject that excites peoples curiosity and enjoys much popularity. This is especially so since the asanas (exercises) and pranayamas (breathing techniques) that owe their origins to ancient Indian wisdom have proved beneficial in promoting holistic health and mental peace as also in developing personality. In this article we will discuss Marjaraasana - the cat pose. Process: Sit on your haunches with the knees and toes on the ground. Ke...

Six Types Of Meditation

There are so many different types of meditation. How many? Who knows, but enough so that you can find the one that's right for you. To get your search started, here are six types of meditation you can try.