Sarojini is a very colorful person ever since childhood. She is a 44 year old woman today. while that has been least bit a reason for her to stay away from exploring herself as a woman, as a thinker, as a designer, as a means to become a merger of times. She strives each day with buzzing thoughts, infinite possibilities. She believes in holding hands with fellow likeminded women thereby creating smaller groups that bind together in their very own ways where they can each contribute, even by just lifting up one another’s spirit by gentle compassionate talks. 

In the whole process, forming positive rejuvenating peer bonding. She takes along with herself a multifaceted aura. She plays multiple roles with women of all age groups, be it as a teacher with her students where she camouflages as one among them, trying best to communicate her thoughts to meander into their young rebellious minds. She further expands her insights into what is current trend of minimalist approaches in wearability. She delves into unearthing motifs of Indian roots merging them into fusion wearables, making startling impact on the nascent young girls until the golden years, all alike.


A thought, a focus, a vision – each day brings in new tones of colours, new forms in antique images, Indian motifs in 3d mural art, these are a few willful and skillful attempts of design and detail of our jewelry and accessories. A brand curated organically over 12 years has transitioned and transformed with all available resources of Mother Nature such as sea shells, plant seeds, wood byproducts, cotton as thread, as fabric, earthen clay amongst many others. 

There is use of recycled handmade paper with 3d outliners and sealer polish to save from sweat and rain. From ear studs to danglers, from bracelets to hair bun sticks, from chokers to neckpieces, stoles to scarves, angrakhas to reversible waistcoats, there has been exploration in many arrays. The brand sees its visibility in select art exhibitions as it needs those with eyes that observe loud yet soothing shades, wild yet rooted motifs, choice in chaos, language in art. Such are the various interpretations. 

From TV shows to newspaper articles, there has been a journey worth cherishing. However, much needed is current trend’s visibility. There is a twist of newness in old school, similarities in asymmetry, timeless times spent in detailing. From edge tails to knot, from secured stitches to fastened ties, every material has its elasticity and tension, sometimes malleability and ductility. How each is twisted, strung, hung, bent, cut, snipped, all depend on its very own characteristics and properties innate to its original self. 

Encouraging local craftsmen to those across borders, associating with diligent sincere artist entrepreneurs, building our very own design niche. So much so, that “The Bengaluru Tribal Wear” never has had copyright issues , predominantly for the fact that each idea , each thought , each vision is a true outcome of the maker Sarojini’s own imagination in her little balcony workshop space. 

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