WINTER TREAT - This is quick homemade delicious creamy broccoli soup for everyone.

♠ If you’re considering for a light meal or a post workout accompaniment, soup is the impeccable option.
♠ It is fulfilling with the right ingredients and a proper touch of taste.
♠ A smooth vegan soup which has the supplementary boost of protein and crunchiness. Thus a wholesome soup with plenty of nutrients
♠ Delicious creamy Broccoli and Almond soup recipe is quick and easy to have the benefit in cold when u need something to warm your palate and throat.
♠ Broccoli and almonds have advantages of health too.
• Effective antioxidant
• Rich in Vitamin E and K, Calcium, Protein and Fibre.

Choice of soup – why this..??
• creamy and relaxing,
• satisfying though a healthier one
• full of nourishment
• easy to make with minimum ingredients
• guilt free and age friendly

■ Not convinced yet..!!! Can be refrigerated. Delight for everyone. Gluten free. Low calorie and yummy vegan diet.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 15-30 minutes

Ingredients required

250-300gms Broccoli or 2 cups Broccoli
15-20 Almonds
1-1.5 tbsp oil/butter/ ghee as per the choice
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Water as required
Optional: 1 large Onion, 4-5 Garlic cloves, milk

Method of Preparation

1. Boil the water in a saucepan and take little amount in the another container once boiled and add almonds into it for 4-6minutes and cover it.
2. Wash the broccoli 2-3 times in a fresh water.
3. Add cleaned broccoli to boiling water and cover it for 5minutes or until blanching is seen. Strain them and simmer in cold water.
4. Peel the almonds and heat the saucepan with oil/ghee/butter and sauté the onion and garlic until aromatic essence is felt.
5. Further sauté the broccoli and almonds into it for the fragrance for 1-2min.
6. Blend all the ingredients until smooth or little crunchy as per the taste.
7. Add everything to the saucepan with salt and pepper to taste. If soup is thick water can be added and if creamy base is the choice, milk or cream would be added at this time.
8. Simmer for 2-3minutes until mixed properly.
9. Serve hot with bread like garlic bread, crunchy toast bread with herbs or along with salads or pasta as a dinner.


• Cheese can be added for kids.
• Garnishing with celery can be done for pleasant eyes.
• Lime juice Squeezed for tangy taste.
• Perfect Weight loss Soup.