I Gunjan, belong to a middle class family, I have been fond of craft since childhood, always used to make something new from waste things from school project to college, I don't know when this hobby of mine became my career.

Well, I also gave craft classes to children in many schools.Gradually I turned it into a business, I started making new projects from waste paper, plastic, thermocol and many more things, which are used for home decoration, festival decoration and also for gifting.


The products made by us also help to control paper pollution in nature, Our products are suitable for wall decoration and gifting, People can buy products from us online, offline and also through social networking, and we are committed to helping customers Accordion also customize the product, we design the product according to the choice of all the customers.

Check out some of my hand made products can be customised for corporate gifting, return gifts, housewarming and any other gifting purposes.

For order please reach out to me.
91 8181001454